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FAQ, the most common questions

Assume an average rate of $150 per hour. It depends on the complexity of your project and the required resources.

If you are already part of a business that is generating revenue and working with us to automate processes will help you make more revenue – you would be considered a good client. Talk to our team and talk through opportunities to implement automation and AI in your workflows.

We’re good and we are enthusiastic about the work we do. We’ve completed 200+ projects and we’re on the cutting edge of what’s working. We have the experience in the tools and expertise in business and operations to understand how to apply them. The clients we’ve worked with are happy. We get things done.

1. Schedule a Call
2. Discuss the Project You Have
3. We Will Provide a Scope of Work and Costs
4. If You Accept, You’ll Need to Pay 50% Upfront and 50% At Delivery

Think about the core tasks your team does for your business to generate revenue.

This means that if they were to stop doing these specific tasks the business would stop making money.

Once you have a list of the core things your team does, create a list of supporting activities for that core activity. ‘

These are the repetitive activities you should look to automate.

By leveraging AI and Automation for these supporting activities should allow you to do more of the core activity.

Every business is different and we will help you find the lowest hanging fruit.

Easy Examples
1. AI Meeting Notes
2. Auto Email Labeling
3. Auto Email Drafting
4. Smart Calendar Scheduling
5. Password Setup for New Employees

Medium Difficulty
1. Intake Process with Various Steps
2. New Leads from Ads into a CRM with Personalized Email Sent
3. Lead Scraping Systems + Outreach Setup with
4. Custom Chatbots for Internal or External Use
‍5. Custom Prompt Libraries + Automated Workflows

1. Create a Fine-tuned Model that Understands a Jurisdictions Criminal Legal System.
2. Create a App
3. Build an AI Agent for my Tasks

Schedule a meeting and talk to a team member. If we mutually agree that your project is viable and something we can help with we will move forward and provide you an estimate.

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